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“We’ve partnered with Blend Media for several projects from 2-D live action and documentary to experiential VR/360 filming for client activations around the world. Blend’s experience and knowledge of the high-tech expertise needed to accomplish such projects is testament to their exceptional product. We look forward to every partnership with Blend as our experience is our clients’– and they are always thrilled!”Andrew PearsonDirector, Video Production - M Booth
"LADBible are investing heavily into the Immersive tech space. We are seeing a huge rise in the commercialisation of AR filters on Snapchat/Instagram/Facebook. VR is becoming increasingly popular with the rise of low-priced headsets and with platforms making 360 video more accessible. We see the huge opportunity that Blend has, and think they are amongst a small bunch of people who will navigate successfully through this emerging market."Alex SolomouFounder & CEO, LADBible Group
“Deloitte Ventures worked with Blend to explore the potential use of immersive technologies as part of the global mobility relocation experience. The teams worked together against a very tight deadline with Blend going above and beyond - great team, great immersive experience and great impact with our marketplace.”Andy RobbPartner, Deloitte

Featured projects

A selection of projects in Blend Market that clients are currently looking for help with. Join Blend Market to find out more about these projects, and to get in touch with these clients.

Direct Mailer AR

Marketing agency is looking to implement a full scale AR approach to direct mail campaigns with around 100+ B2B companies.

  • AR Development
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
B2B Marketing Agency
Head of Marketing

Interactive 360° Training Course

A Blend Market client is looking to convert and transform an existing e-learning / CBT into an interactive 360° training course.

  • Storyboarding
  • 360˚ Filming
  • 360˚ Post-Production
  • Interactivity
  • Virtual Training
UK based Corporation
Head of Learning and Development

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